Web 2.0 Style Blog

Finally, the Web 2.0 Blog Layout is here as promised! Several new techniques are covered in this tutorial, such as interesting use of the drop shadow element. We’ll also cover creating a see-through navigation bar, as well as creating our own unique icons for this layout!

PhotoshopandYou Website Update

Hello everyone, a few updates were made to the site today. Some features that weren’t active previously were added, namely incomplete pages such as the resources page, the tutorial suggestion page, the about page, and finally the contact page.

Professional Web Design Studio Logo

Learn how to create a professional web design logo. We’ll show you several ways of working with text in this tutorial. The outcome from this tutorial could also go well with our Product Sales Page tutorial, as a proper logo wasn’t really made for it.

Warcraft 3 Gaming Template

Learn how to create a unique and dark template, perfect for gaming or clan websites. In this tutorial we will work extensively with layer styles to enhance certain parts of our layout to give it that gaming feel. We’ll also work with the path tool to create special shapes as well as using the brush tool to blend in images.

Design Element: Drop Shadow

The drop shadow is a useful design element that can be used to add depth and detail to different parts of your layouts. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create your own drop shadow, as well as show you some of the different ways that you can use it in your website designs

Product Sales Page

Learn how to create a web 2.0 looking web layout tailored to be perfect for a page selling a product. Because of how its laid out, you could even spin it off as a portfolio layout if you wanted to. This tutorial will cover several different gradient types as well as reflecting text and objects and using shading to make certain design elements stand out.

Curled Corner

Learn how to create a sleek content box that features a curled corner to give it a more dimensional approach. This effect could be put to good use on business websites, such as hosting sites, product sales pages, portfolios, and more.